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Oh Howard!

I was listening to Howard Stern this morning. I don't really listen to him much, because well, I'd rather listen to music. Anyway, he began talking about how he's been targeted by the FCC (A censorship group trying to keep "our airwaves clean" think, Tipper Gore and the whole Parental Advisory thing.) with excessive fines and such. Apparently, Colin Powell's son is now the chairman of the FCC and he and his little buddies have been looking up things that's been said up to four years ago to fine him for. (Apparently if you say unappropriate things on the radio, you can be fined.)

A lot of what Howard was saying was kind of stupid-I mean the only creative thing he could say to his opponents was they're "douches," "dicks," or whatever, but he said some things that made sense. Apparently, Oprah has at some point said some of the same things that Howard has, probably anti-bush stuff, and she was never fined. The FCC has said it's because she's "loved by the people." Howard himself is also very anti-Bush. If you go to www.howardstern.com you'll find plenty about it.

I guess there's no reason I felt like sharing this, but I thought it was interesting. I know Howard Stern is pretty wild, but enough with the censorship! I guess I'm just sick of all these Christian Fundamentalists trying to play it off like they're saving us from the "wickedness," of bad language, sexual content and social perversion.

If I hear one more "God bless america," I'm going to think the Saudi's are less religiously crazy than we are.
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