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"The Barbie Factor" Identifying Female Sterotypes.

I don't think there's is anything wrong with Barbies.

I really just want to know why does Barbie seem to have "inferiority," "stupidity," and "bimbo," attatched to it? Not just men, but women as well see these symbols as the epitome of brainless womanhood.

There are many stereotypes attatched with women. Can you recall any stereotypes attached with men that degrades them? Any major toy that is that portrays them as witless or inferior human beings?

Women constantly blame men for their bias and degrading look on women. But the truth is, we do it to ourselves as well. Why do we hate Barbie so much? If anything Barbie embodies what we ourselves have been striving for, career as well as commercial sucess.

I can hear some of you chanting, "But her physical attributes drive us crazy! Barbie teaches us to strive for an unattainable perfection"!

This is true. If Barbie were real, she'd be missing half of her human antatomy, she wouldn't be able to stand and in real life, would need that plastic to look that flawless. Let's take a look at feminism. We strive to make both men and women look past our beauty or even flaws and see our inner potential. So why are we being hypocrites? Barbie in her own right is a complete sucess! She's been just about everything, a doctor, police officer (not one of my favorites), army solider, artist, teacher, palentologist and more.

I haven't even scratched the surface. Barbie is a total iconoclast. She embodies what we can't- Total self-esteem and power.

Today's magazines- Cosmopalitan (as well as Cosmo!Girl), Marie Claire, Teen, YM and more are all directed at some stupid ideals-

-You need a boyfriend.
-Having a relationship will make you happy. (They also provide tips on snagging a mate in just about every monthly edition.)
-Beauty can be bought, and you should constantly dump your money in products to attain perfection.
-You can find your "true self" and great advice through quizzes and articles.

Barbie doesn't need Ken. This is obvious. I don't even think they make Ken anymore.

How many of us can honestly say we are confident enough to live a full life without a signifgant other? Sure, she's gone "bridal," before. But she was smart enough to get a divorce and realize that she's rockin' without Ken. I think we could all use a dose of Barbie's self-esteem.

It seems that women are ashamed to be women, and instead of taking out our aggressions on something that matters, we've pretty much disowned Barbie, the idol of our childhood.

I need to point out something, Barbie doesn't make us look bad. People who think we aren't good enough as women (usually physically) have gotten those lame notions elsewhere...usually from catty women or superficial men. We must also realize that there is a lot of money to be made off of a women's insecurity.

Women spend lots of money on treatments to look smaller, fuller, blonder, younger and sexier. Maybe it's men's apathy, or maybe they're more confident about themselves, but they don't spend as time or money on their asthetics.

We need to grow past this. We are not physically a Barbie. We don't need to become the doll, but we can be whatever she has been. We can have good friends like she had, a rewarding career and we can look good without looking like her. For some, Barbie used to be an inspirational figure, but now as adults, we view her as a degrading figure for womanhood, and ourselves. We need to embrace Barbie and realize that she isn't the cause of Women's injustice- society is.
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