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BUST MAGAZINE-For women who have something to get off their chests

This is round two of my recommendation, because the first one got deleted.

Like the title says, Bust magazine is for women who have something to say. Unlike many other magazines, which focus on things I can't afford, Bust focuses on what women can be proud of, instead of what women are expected to be.

While other magazines encourage us to be conformists, we are encouraged by this great magazine to be something different, and to be more than our seasonal clothes, expensive makeup and ettiqutte.

Bust does have plenty of shopping ideas, but usually things don't go over 100 dollars, (unlike 2,000 dollar purses in Cosmo,) and usually these items are unique and are made by wonderful women like ourselves. The items are quirky, creative, and worth looking at, and they're not put in the magazine just so we can all look alike and match the latest fashions.

The fall issue highlights PJ Harvey, the woman's suffragist movement, and Eddie Izzard an interesting cross dresser. Now that's something you won't find anywhere else. You have to appreciate the fact that this magazine treats it's readers like real people instead of women pretending to be metropalitan upperclass snots. Nor does it focus on having a man in our lives, or rub it in our faces like these other magazines.

I would recommend you pick up at least one issue to give it a try. They can be purchased at most Barnes and Noble and Borders book stores, as well as Tower Records. Visit www.bust.com for a good time.
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