Miss McSchnoogles (shnuggas) wrote in femmeflamingo,
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FemmeFlamingo 101- A course description.

I've started this community because I know I am a girl of many words. I am very politcal, sometimes rant-y. I know that some things cannot be said in my personal journal. This is my powerhouse. This is where the ideas go, straight from my head, to fingers, through the keyboard, to the screen, and finally reaches it's destination to your eyes. I cannot guarantee that anything discussed will reach your brain.

I would have made this a journal, but I want others to come here. I want to speak my mind, and pour my heart out. I sometimes would like to make jell-o jigglers.

There will be anything I feel like posting; links, commentaries, opinions, rants and raves. Whatever doesn't fit in the holes of the rest of my life will come here.

These will be the only words everyone can see.
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