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Not Just Girly Squawkings.

Liberation, one word at a time.

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Political Party: Undeclared! I am everything, but claim to be nothing.

Love: When women realize that there's nothing wrong with being "girly." Even if girly is riding a motorcycle and downing a beer. Even when "girly," is not shaving your legs or wearing too much makeup.

Hate: Main-stream media. Lame political mudslinging. CNN. Talk about "Purple Hearts." Seeing the same middle-aged, rich white men running the world. Realizing that society hasn't changed much since the women's seen and not heard days. Women being ashamed of being women.

Hopes: That I can maintain this community and perhaps watch it grow.

Wishes: I could run for president. The only thing stopping me is the voters.

Wonders: Why is feminism such a bad thing? Maybe because we were told so.

Tries: To change the face of feminism to something that can be appreciated, accepted and encouraged. We are all on this planet. We don't need to hate men, and we don't need them to hate us.